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Our Story


The love story began in the elementary school yard of Parkview Academy. Well, not actually. They did both attend and graduate from Parkview but, Perryn was such a shy guy and Monique such a tomboy, they never really interacted. In their Parkview years they may have said a few words to one another not knowing years later, they’d end up sharing an eternity together.

Back in 2015, while Monique started pursuing her professional dance career in Atlanta, she was purely there for the grind. She didn’t spend a ton of time socializing. Although this was the case, she did sometimes wish she had more friends out there to keep her company. Living in a millennial era, the internet became one of the main forms of communication between Monique and people near & far. Monique often turned to social media when she was breaking from the intense training regimen she was on. One day, Monique was scrolling on Facebook and noticed she had been added to a Page; Parkview Panthers. It was awesome to see some many faces from her beloved elementary school, all grown up. It wasn’t long before Monique received a message in her inbox from one of those former Parkview Panthers. It just so happened to be Perryn Doss.


Monique always saw Perryn as the shy, more adorable brother so she absolutely remembered him. Usually, Monique wouldn’t give anyone the time of day via social media but this time was different. There was something that caught her attention about Perryn so she responded to his message. After talking on the messenger for so long, they eventually exchanged numbers. The two started talking on the phone and via facetime excessively. Perryn became someone that Monique could count on talking to at the end of her super long, sometimes lonely days in ATL.

As soon as Monique went home for the summer, she and Perryn had already made plans to link ASAP. They started hanging out pretty much everyday summer ‘15--this is also when he became ‘Chink.’ When Monique was offered a job position in her career field in NOLA, she made the decision to move back. From then on, the two love birds continued building a strong bond and solid foundation. They’ve been rollin on the river ever since.  

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