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B E S T  M A N - B R A N D O N  P A R K E R 

Brandon Parker/ Bestman / B Face
B is Perryn’s oldest brother but has also served as a father figure for him in life . He is Perryn’s godfather and best friend. B is always ready to go to war for both his little bro’s . Whether it be UFC fights, Call of Duty or watching movies , their bond is one that Perryn cherishes and the two constantly nurture .


Q U E N T I N  D O S S

Quentin Doss/ Q Face
Q is Perryn’s other older brother . Although he lives away, nothing could keep them apart. Q and Perryn have learned so much from one another through life . Q is also ready for any everything when it comes to his baby bro .


S T E V E N   P A R K E R 

Steven Parker/Unc is Perryn’s uncle. He is another father figure in Perryn’s life . Unc has helped Perryn with his spiritual growth and wealth. He has ministered to Perryn throughout his entire life . He’s someone that Perryn can call on whenever he needs someone to talk to.


M I K E   A D A M S

Mike is Perryn’s 2nd Cousin but one of his 1st best friends . They’ve been at it since diapers . Mike is has been more than consistent and loyal to Perryn. Though they live miles apart , they stay in touch via phone or playing the game online. There’s no way he would be by his brother from another’s side .


A L A N   F E R N A N D E Z

Al and Perryn have been Rollin together for years . Real life ‘Boyz in The Hood.’ Al and Perryn can run it together for hours . From ball, to getting on the game, to rapping over beats , they roll. Al is always down for the turn up and ready for whatever !


J A R E D   H A R R I S

Rizzo is actually one of Monique’s greatest friends of years. It was only fate that he and Perryn had an instant connection when they met . Perryn sometimes sees Rizzo more than Monique does . They have built a bond that can’t be broken. These two share certain rituals such as ball and Daq shop on a Saturday that nothing will stop. You’d think these two grew up together.


J O S E   A R I T A

Jose and Perryn met through their women being such great friends . It wasn’t long after they met that they formed their very own bromance. When Perryn was a truck driver over the road, he would often drive through Baton Rouge and it wouldn’t be right if he & Jose didn’t link. It got to the point where Perryn and Jose would discuss things and make plans for the 4 of them without even consulting the ladies first. These two are your regular pool shooting, quesadilla eating, peas in a pod .


I M M A N U E L   G O D L E Y

Manny and Perryn were both brought into the family through their women; Chantell- Monique’s matron of honor and Monique . These guys always find one another at family functions & chop it up like nothing! They both have easy going, roll with the flow personalities. They complement one another in this way. They share laughs & good energy in the midst of any confusion that may arise . Thank God for great men marrying into the family !


E R N E S T   R A Y F O R D

Ernest Rayford/ E
E and Perryn are also neighborhood homies. E is one of the most caring friends he has. He is always there with a listening ear & a shoulder to lean on. Their bond is built on being there for one another when times are at their toughest. They do what they can to keep each other level headed & grounded.

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