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Maid of Honor - Myranique Brogan

Myranique Brogan- Myranique/Sista is Monnie’s guardian, sister and first best friend. She keeps her sista humble and grounded. Monnie sometimes lives outside of reality but her Sista constantly brings her right back. She has been her protector and confidant since the birth. Growing up, Monnie would stress her sista out with all her little antics and mishaps. She was a mischievous little one. One thing Monnie’s sista always told her was to be sure to let her know what/where she was doing, if not anybody else.They may bicker like cats and dogs at times but one thing's for certain, at the end of every day, they will ALWAYS have one another. She has held her down as a financial advisor for POSH, provided financial support when necessary in life, reinforced cooking lessons from their mom and just kept her on track with prioritizing situations and people in general.  MUCH more than just her sister. What better person to stand directly by her side on one of the biggest days of her life?!



Matron of Honor - Chantell Hooks-Godley

Hooks-Godley- Telly is Monnie’s first cousin and also one of her first best friends. Growing up, Telly used to watch Monnie and Myranique, do their hair, and share secrets that the adults still don’t have a clue about to this day. SO many memories at 7831--insider. Telly has set so many examples for Monnie that she has learned from and have helped shape her into the woman she is today. Though Telly faced some challenges in her life, she still beat the odds and overcame victoriously in each situation. This was always so inspirational for Monnie. Telly is also the mother of three of Monnie’s god babies, Dyl Pickle(Dylan), Nan’s Cam(Camron), her handsome ring bearer and Nanny Cakes (Ja’Lyn), Monnie’s beautiful Junior bride.



Ja'Lyn Hooks - Junior Bride

Ja’Lyn/Jay Cakes is Monnie’s 1st godchild. Though Cakes is only 12, her Nanny has earned a lot from watching her grow through and playing a role in her life. Monnie makes it her business to do all she can to live right and set positive examples for her Nanny Cakes . She makes sure she keeps her Nanny Cakes on her toes with her appearance, mentality and growing into a respectful, well kept young lady. It is so important to Monnie that continues to nurture her relationship with her Cakes because of her belief that it truly takes a village to raise a child . On top of that, Cakes’ mom Chantell played such an important role Monnies life coming up so she wants to be there for Cakes in the same way. She is truly one of the motivations behind Monnie’s path to success . Monnie wants her Nanny Cakes to be inspired by and proud of her . One of the best feelings for Monnie .



Breshae Lee

Breshae/Shake and Monique are two of the closest play cousins around. She can count on Shake to keep it real and raw with her always, and also her support just as much. Reasons why blood couldn’t make them any closer. Shake is one of Monnie’s biggest supporters. Shake has been there for Monnie whether it be at a performance in the audience or at one of her “any excuse to celebrate & throw a party” events, in the kitchen making magic happen. Shake always has and always will be there! Shake’s unwavering nature is what Monnie loves most.



Vontrel Baptiste

Vontrel/Vonn and Monnie connected the very first day they met which was the first day of freshman year at Lusher. They decided that day, that they would stick together and have each other’s back no matter who else they met or where they ended up--and they did. They lived by those values throughout high school and it continued thereafter. Vonn is Monnie’s friend that she can count on to force her to be honest with herself, when she sometimes tries to run from what’s real. Monnie has the tendency to see certain situations through rose colored glasses and Vonn is the one to always bring clarity to those situations. They have so many wild, lesson learning memories together that helped shape them both into the beautiful women they are. They both are always down to learn by experience rather than others’ advice--hard headed Libras. Vonn’s adventurous and open mind is what Monnie loves most.



Jumeeka Jones

Jumeeka/Meek is one of Monnie’s sweetest friends of life. They met through their love for dance at Studio G. Meek is the one who always finds the positive in any situation. She’s Monnie’s “rub your back, keep calm, you’ll make it work...” friend.  Meek has always shown pure, genuine love towards her. Meek is one who always has everyone else’s well being in mind before her own. She’s one Monnie can spill her life out to without filter and never have to worry about a lick of judgement in return. Meek will forever remind Monnie to make lemonade out of lemons. Meek’s warmness is what Monnie loves most.



Shamira Arita

Shamira/Elle is Monnie’s soul sister. They share so many parallels in their lives and in their hustles. They are go getting, boss women who have the drive, ambition and work ethic of an army of people. They worked with the same company for a few years, both run their own dance companies and are both constantly trying to find new and different ways to grow their brands and businesses. These two are kindred spirits in that way. Monnie often goes to Elle for business advice and vice versa. They support one another in their business ventures and more. Elle is the mother of Monnie’s TeeTee Ahmad and TeeTee Alli; her beautiful, little flower girl. Elle is also the wife of one of Chink’s bros/groomsmen, Jose. Elle and Jose are Monnie and Chink’s best couple friends. They spend a lot of time hanging out together and have really built a bond like family. Although Chink and Jose met after Elle and Monnie, the boys sometimes act like they’re besties more than the girls. Who would’ve thought?! Elle’s heart of a hustler that matches Monnie’s is what she loves most.



Mykeia Jackson

Mykeia/Fav and Monnie are each other’s ‘favorite’ linesister on their line. Monnie was blessed to have everything needed to pledge her freshman year of college. The biggest disadvantage to this was, she hadn’t been on campus long enough to establish relationship with any of her (now) linesisters. When their pledging process began, Keia and Monnie found a friend in one another. We won’t expose the ins and outs of their pledge process but know that it was a very difficult, challenging, trying time while they were going through it. By it being something confidential, it was good to have someone to share with, vent to, cry on, and lean on for support. Keia and Monnie not only share their love for their chapter and sorority but for dance as well. They spent most of their college years running and performing with the largest AA organization on campus, AASO. They were all around roll dawgs in school. When they reconnect, they link back up like no time has passed. Keia’s willingness to ride is what Monnie loves most.



Kayla Barney

Kayla/KayyKayy is also one of Monnie’s dance sisters. They both trained at and graduated together from Studio G. Later in life, when Monnie started POSH as a summer training program, KayyKayy was there from the jump! The first couple summers she worked on staff with the young artists as an instructor and thereafter, never stopped supporting her girl for POSH events and all other endeavors when she could. KayyKayy’s gracefully caring nature is what Monnie loves most.



Gianni Reid

Gianni/Gi is Monnie Twink. They have SO much in common you’d think they were born to the same parents--crazy their dads even favor. They met in college when Monnie was assigned to Gi in the Big/Lil sister/brother program in the dance department. From that day, their bond had been undeniable. Gi is also Monnie’s right hand man when it comes to running the POSH summer intensive. Monnie and Gi are not only both educators who share a love for teaching, dancers who share a passion for dance but also DIYers who share a love for doing it yourself! They have created countless costume pieces, accessories and other trinkets together. Monnie and her twink have performed together, taught together, taken class, auditioned and booked numerous gigs together. They’re a pair that when you see one, you’re often times going to see the other. Gi’s loyalty to the Twink Twerk is what Monnie loves most!



Bergandee Hibbler

Bergandee/Berggy is Monnie’s linesister and link; the 18 to her 19. Berggyy and Monnie both pledged to the MuNu chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc Spring ‘11, the 43 DSTinguished L.I.N.K.S. of an Unbreakable Chain. Being that Monnie and Berggy are links, they’ve shared a special closeness (literally boot to coot--insider) from the beginning. Monnie is the youngest of all her linesisters so her link was definitely one that kept her on track and together. A lot of times Monnie made mistakes and needed more guidance and her link was there for her in those instances. Berggy has always shown Monnie love and loyalty. Berggy’s nurturing spirit is what Monnie loves most!

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